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This website was born of necessity. While pastoring an inner city church, I needed experience in website maintenance for our church’s website. A gracious friend, Pastor Chris Teis, developed the church site for us and I would maintain it. WordPress blogging software provided a wonderful medium for constructing a site for the ministry that would be relatively easy to maintain.

When the site was first started I had no intention with it other than a tool to practice website maintenance. I had no idea what to “blog” about or any idea anyone would read it! I started by posting sermon outlines, then as time progressed Baptist history materials were added, a few articles here and there until it became the present site. The longer I used the site the more “polished” my outlines became as adding pictures, video and audio of the sermons preached. The site now includes outlines in Adobe PDF format that are easily downloaded and used anywhere the Lord can use them to be a blessing.  As of this writing, folks from 181 nations have been to this site. Only eternity will tell what was done with it.  Each sermon outline now comes with a downloadable PDF outline that is marked on each sermon post with a click-able image that looks like this:


The outlines on this site, unless indicated in the outlines themselves, are the fruit of my own studies.  All the material on this page is FREE to be used and it is my prayer that God may use them to be a blessing.  Below you will find a list of the most recent posts.  There is also a search option if you are looking for something particular as well as a categories list to help you find what you are looking for.  If the site is a blessing to you in anyway, please let me know by commenting or shooting me an email: CriesToTheCity@hotmail.com 

Pastor Peterman 2/28/2014

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